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My girlfriend and I were together for about four years and has always had a great sex life. During this time we have always fantasized about her being with another man, but never anything about it until last weekend when we had a fantastic time ever! My girlfriend Wendy is 24 years old, with beautiful breasts and curves 36DD size 12 figure, which is quite short, with short hair, dark literotic brown shoulder length and a little teasing in bed. literotic We have always had an open relationship that both flirt with other people and open my fantasy friends, but I was always fine with it and to be honest, they find a series of Last night my birthday Saturday and I had prepared for a group of friends and I went to clubs in the city. Wendy also went with his colleagues and the idea was to meet later to share a cab home. Before you even leave the house, Wendy and I were playing back the red wine and we were both very drunk when the house. Wendy has left a black loose over her shoulder showed her breasts and a tight black pants, supplementing the ass. A truth literotic this time I thought it was nice, but since we had to meet our friends, we were on a tight schedule, so we took a taxi in town, we parted and met with friends. Around midnight on the local club with my friends, Paul, Matthew and Mark, when I met Wendy and her colleague - could say I was very angry - He turned around and had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes real literotic . I asked Wendy what she had done and said he was ' perving on some guys fit' licked in what I thought, that love and Wendy knew -. She told me to say that one of them, who could not keep up with your eyes literotic do not flirt her - he had also asked where they slept the night before, the idea turns me on literotic and joke that she Wendy is still working with my colleagues to flirt for the rest of the night - for me the occasional or to seek nod my ​​friends were fans of this and the rest of literotic the night literotic there was a lot of cuddling, eye contact and touch. Towards the end of the night dancing and Wendy went with Paul began to rub it against her, before he applied and was rubbing her ass against the front of his pants. Paul had been around with hands on hips and left behind her - I knew he loved her, and I loved that I had every intention of literotic his house and his damn fool. From Wendy closed the club suggested that all taxi trips sleep with us to save the house and return home this morning, Paul and Matt were literotic trying, but Mark had to get up for work on Sunday - to say goodbye and left. We took a taxi and I was sitting in the first deliberately leaving Wendy, Matt and Paul in the back of the taxi. While driving home I saw all talk and flirt, and I got about how much fun it was to know about sex in the house that my friends were down, and might have to think we were testingmind we hear and When we got home, we decided to have a drink while we were there, like a laugh and opened a bottle of Jack Daniels to share. At that time we were all rolling and Matt decided to follow one of my porn movies on the TV. This had a major impact on the conversation, suddenly turned to sex. Wendy began for us, we all wonder what we liked in bed and saw that she was always at this time. Paul explained that he said the woman with bandages and Matt, who had always wanted to have sex with two women was the same. I told the boys of my imagination, and everybody laughed at him. At literotic this point, was about half four in the morning always agree with Matt and I went on the air mattress to sleep for Paul and Matthew. when we came we had the surprise of our lives - it was Paul and Wendy on the couch, kissing At this point, I really do not know what to say!. I had always liked the idea, but it in the four years together we have so little that he had never done before! After hearing we walked down Paul Wendy looked at us and smiled, both before returning to Paul, who smiled and continued to kiss him ! Now I say, this was the largest ever again and I could feel my cock began literotic to literotic press against the front of my pants and my adrenaline to end. Without thinking, I went to the couch and sat on the other side of Wendy put my hand on his leg. Paul and Wendy continued to kiss his hands on his chest, which was once so I started to work hand in his leg until I felt literotic her hot pussy through the pants he wore. Recalling that Matt was behind me, I turned around to see who sat in one of our beds and was helpful to us with a smile on his face. At this point, thus became onthat could not resist. I slowly unlocked the front of Wendy 's pants and take out from here to therem below it. This led her to stop kissing to Paul, but not to lose sight and slowly took off his shirt, before launching its own top- her beautiful breasts exposed in a lacy black bra. Do you want the best from the moment before I pulled the top down and reached into the front of Wendy 's panties do. was so humid and hot it was maybe. Then I started to slowly push my fingers into her and continued literotic to watch as she slowly began to lick around the nipple of Paul. I could see that Paul loved to have closed his eyes and immediately place yourself comfortable. I knew what was coming next tape Wendy Paul started slowly before opening the front to unbutton his jeans and pulled his suit he uses his penis was revealed. Little by little it took in his hand and began to masturbate to keep your face no more than four inches away from her. This was so excited I could not resist and so I got up, since mpants and began to masturbate and I, as I watched. I glanced at Matt, who was at that time literotic almost as well as with his boxers with his bare hand in it. Matt had a smile on his face and gave me a quick nod - was slow, I knew that love is This time the head of Wendy Pauls dick in her mouth and started sucking slowly!. Paul groaned and Wendy seemed to love and to reposition it to its knees with her ass in the air. His movement began to be faster and I could see over Paul 's cock in the mouth. I have changed my position, so directly behind Wendy and slowly pull her panties began, which were at that time was wet Little by little, I started pushing my cock into her and Wendy let out a small sigh before he pushed me against momentum. Paul was still in the back with eyes closed and seemed to close, because she had gone red and had started to breatthat difficult. went to Wendy pounds away from behind and it was not long before I came of it. I must say that the most intense orgasm I've ever experienced in my life. I went, and returned to the couch to watch some of the actions. Wendy Paul continues to suck, and at that time were making eye contact with others just turns me on even more. At this point, expect Paul to come, but he did not. Wendy said suddenly, so that its back on the floor and climbed astride her so that his penis was directly over the face and tits. Wendy then the literotic sexiest thing ever - looked at him and said, 'Come, then fuck me. ' This seemed to turn to Paul, when he suddenly put his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her face. The feeling I had a second wind on the ground and began to use their fingers to Wendy again. This time, I began to rub and it literotic was not long until they trembled against my hand. At this point, PauI was back and squeezed her right breast, while he uses his other hand to masturbate. I could still see that Matt had fun when I was masturbating while watching all the fun. Suddenly, without warning, Paul gave a groan and get your shot, all breasts Wendy, Wendy this love his tail in his mouth until Paul had recovered enough to remove it. Wendy was on the floor and everyone laughed - surprised literotic and happy with what had happened. Like all calm again asked Wendy Matt if literotic he ' wanted a single source,' but Matt said, no - I do not think he brings much of a problem outside of a show. At this point we decided it's a good idea if we all went to bed. I was very surprised, but happy that everyone had enjoyed the night and we all had a great time. Last night while having sex, Wendy left me a little secret. During the night of Saturday / Sunday morning, she was up and gone down, wake up to Paul and Matthew. Apparently she had asked Paul, who had made him so happy with his tie belt dressing gown. He also told me that this time, Matt had no problem with the distribution of Paul before both had full sex with her. He also said that this time it was called a literotic lot of dirty with them, the two literotic ' a slut ', she proceeded to tell me that she is loved. What next? Now our sex life is excellent and is really spicy. Wendy is really happy and yet I can not stop thinking about our night. Now we have this site with the intention to expand our horizons even more connected. Wendy tells me that a swap next, I want to try out for ! Still I can not believe that happened, but I had a good night!

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